[ plays ] 

Rocket Park 
Cold War/Queer Thriller.
Shaped like thermonuclear weaponry. 
Quite 70s. Cast of 5 women.
    spotlight series at the public theater
    (directed by katherine brook) 

Psychic mediums, a nineties musical, a literature 
department guest speaker. Halloween math/genderqueer. 
With music by Josh Brophy.
Cast of 3. 
    part of stable cable's annual reading series 
    (directed by kristy dodson)

radio island
Cosmic Drama. Crisis Negotiation/Gothic Mystery. 
Cast of 6.
    in development in at the playwrights realm  
    (directed by katherine brook)    
    readings at - 
    rattlestick's f*ck!ng good pl@ys festival 
    (directed by claudia weill) 
    city theatre 
    (directed by tracy brigden)
    williamston theater
    san francisco playhouse
    new georges 

    and - 
    kilroys list 2016
    inaugural relentless award finalist
    weissberger award nomination
    o'neill conference finalist 

A podcast of sea themes that is full of surprises!
(Collaboration/performance with RN Healey)
    episode 1 - jellyfish
    episode 2 - whales
    (dixon place hot! festival) 
    episode 3 - double mystery fun grab bag
    (little theatre at dixon place) 

the hollower
Haunt-comedy. Funeral Doom Doo-Wop.
Cast of 5. 
    ars nova out loud series 
    (directed by margot bordelon)
    2016 lincoln center director's lab 
    (directed by kristy dodson)

Tragedy in Spades: 
A 1994 Crime Documentary 
You know you love this kind of thing.
Cast of millions. Built for community storytelling. 
​    developed in residency at university settlement 
    presentations with little theater at  dixon place,     CATCH, and prelude ny 2015     
    (created with and directed by katherine brook)

Sky Sky Sky 
Features a functional PR2 robot. Near-apocolypse.
80s grunge-punk. 
Cast of 3.
    commissioned and produced by  
    washington university in st. louis
    (directed by anna maria pileggi)

There’s a Gun 
in Your Goodbye Bag
Must be performed in a Laundromat. 
    commissioned and produced by
    onsite theater 
    (directed by edward coffield)

infirmary shakes
​Jazz/Narcotics. Triple-generation dreamscape.
Hilarious tragedy. 
Cast of 5.
    nominated for the kilroys list
    finalist for the jerome fellowship

​Post-industrial squalor. Public Housing Crisis.
Wild turkeys.
Cast of 5. 
    reading at the Eagle Project

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